Tuesday, 30 November 2010

no angels yet

Hard to think that I painted these girlies in the scorching heat of the spanish sun...thinking how organised I was going to be for Christmas and my annual production of painted angels.... these rather shabby specimens have no wings yet and don't even look holy...what was I thinking? I think I shall put them back on the shelf and just cut another load out and start again......


  1. I like them especially the top picture. they look like housewives. The red polka dotted dressed one is my favorite, Maybe they could have shopping bags instead of wings.

  2. LOVE them all, with or without wings:)
    Took some nice photos of my angel that I will post in
    X-mas Fairy Tales,
    later on!

  3. You cannot imagine that we, who do not see them all the time, see absolutely nothing wrong with those lovelies.
    Some do look like they are dressed for warmer weather (!) but I love the middle one on the bottom...she looks ready for some Big Chill!
    Missing you....Mom leaves tomorrow....
    Life, as we know it, will return to a more normal pace.
    Your angels are wonderful no matter what....

  4. Loving these too! Talented danielle! I love the one in the top picture with the pansy stole going on and all there hair-dos and head dresses - fit for a wedding - they are great - you should list these - who could resist? Certainly not me I fear! Catch up soon! Xxdi

  5. Your faces are captivating and engaging. Don't stop working on these Danielle! how about life size? How amazing would they be as window dressing for say a furniture display?? These ladies are seriously artful, love them. The most exciting part of my time on the computer is looking at ragtales - thank you :))