Wednesday, 31 March 2010

5oth wedding anniversary

J seem to have been totally swamped by the party of the decade- my parents-in-law 50th wedding anniversary! so the only crafting was the making of alot of cupcakes for the do and an awful lot of trying on of various outfits! It was a great party and Brian and Maureen had a wonderful time.....

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

fabric flowers

Really inspired by flowers popping up everywhere have made a load of stiffened fabric flowers. Have used some lovely fabrics found at our very well stocked local quilting shop and tried to keep the colours tonally the same. Cannot wait to make some more now...just need to get the stiffness right in the stems....a bit floppy at the moment! A huge vase with loads of them would look great!

beautiful colours

Stunning colours at Borough Market on the 5th March, Nick's birthday, that and the amazing spring colours that are emerging everywhere are certainly lifting the gloom of a prolonged winter!

Monday, 8 March 2010

more tattoos

Tattoos have been absorbing my brain all day at work...have now finished this latest epic.....really liked the blue/green colour against the strong reds and browns...might be too much for the voters though!!!

ceramics from South Africa

Gay du Toit is the mother of one of my best friends, my long time suffering allotment partner Nicky, or Nicolette as she was christened back in her south Africa days.....Gay does not ever seem to stop producing beautiful ceramics, painted and decorated in the most wonderful colours and designs....and these boobie pots are her latest creations! I love the serene but slight amused expressions on their faces! Arn't they gorgeous!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

daily diary

Definitely finding it harder to find something interesting to paint every day but have not yet succumbed to cheating! here are some entries in no particular order! not all of them are worthy of sharing!


Cannot resist this weeks spoonflower challenge which is tattoos.....Francesca has this great book, 1000 tattoos, and I really love the old fashioned Sailor Jerry tattoos of swallows and hearts, so spent a glorious sunday evening painting them so that I can scan them in tomorrow!

great chinese painting

Excellent chinese paintings by my very talented sister in Law, Tracy, who is putting her Brunei stay to good use!!! I reckon she is giving the south east asian painting fraternity a run for their money! I really like the rooster!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

more fabric

Cannot wait to cut into my fabric that arrived from spoonflower this very excited to have even more fabric to bring home....Nick will be pleased!

baby carrier competition

Wanting to enter yet another spoonflower competition, this time for the prize money of $500.00. Needless to say there are 270 entries for this fabulous prize- spoonflower regulars will never again be satisfied with a mere 5 yards of free fabric!
I have done this design on illustrator, to match the colours of the company who is sponsoring the competition.
Please vote for me- the teenagers have sapped the last of the funds!