Sunday, 5 December 2010

alot of red & gold paint all over the kitchen table

At long last I have managed to get in to the christmas spirit and have spent all day painting a load of angels to wing their way over to friends far afield... have gone for a deep red ever so slightly miserable look this year as the angels from the summer are far too cheerful for this cold weather we have had!


  1. I am loving the slightly miserable red paint that adorns your lovely angels!!!!! I will be in touch as soon as I recover from my family gathering in Tucson, AZ which took on quite a few unexpected twists and turns. Do you have snow on the ground inLondon? Happy angel painting! Love- Oolie

  2. Hey daniella! What a bevy of festive angels you have here! Loving the deep red - what's miserable looking about that?? Just perfect I'd say - They look great in a group too don't they - huddling together for warmth like us at the mo! We have snow and bitter cold up north but these have cheered me up no end!

  3. Okay, girl, you are back in the swing!
    These angels are exquisite.....really.
    God, you are talented....
    I must talk to you at some point cause I cannot remember how to list my darn things on etsy (!!!) and there are some left over from the sale that I should get on there.

    miss you - love you.....

  4. ...and I love the one in the bottom photo.....

  5. So beautiful, just lovely Danielle. Photograph them before you send them out so you can play with them digitally for next christmas. Make cards for etsy eh? Delicious faces.

  6. Dear Danielle,
    I don´t think you can understand how much I love your angels!!!
    Have a great weekend