Thursday, 30 June 2011

softies pattern

Have scanned in the images, coloured them up in photoshop and done a rough repeat pattern....will have to get a tutorial of my Santa Fe guru who is also the best textile designer in the world on how to make a pattern look like its meant to be a textile design!...maybe it needs some polka dots to fill in the gaps....?


  1. Love these Danielle. So sweet. Can I buy some of it? How are you?

  2. wow......and I mean that - WOW!!!
    These are lovely - may I show them to my fabric company?
    I do, of course, have a suggestion -
    Do a "brick" layout, which will make it so that the little girl will not be under the little girl in the repeat.
    If you try to put the "second" one where the "middle" would be if you had three repeats....(how do I explain this?)
    It may need to be "filled in" at that point, but will be totally AWESOME!!!
    I may need to try to do it for you to show you...hmmmmmm.... I will see what I can do.
    You are amazing - as usual!