Saturday, 25 June 2011

more softies

More portraits, this time the latest batch of softies that I have been making...working out the patterns for the little animals is a long process and probably much easier to just buy the patterns but I quite enjoy the challenge of working out where to put the darts!


  1. Oh wow, every time I look at what you're doing Danielle, I'm blown even further away. You have the talent of Beatrix Potter to elicit the cute++ factor to multiply the experience of children, and delight adults. Bravo!!! I've just entered this week's Spoonflower comp - fireworks... but it looks like you are right into 3D with textiles now. You are amazing. Your beautifully painted angel sits in my kitchen dresser and looks out at us. I see her as a Guardian Angel of Inspiration. Thank you so much xxx

  2. bummer, just lost the comments I made!
    Here is a repeat (in all honesty) bottom to top:

    *This little guy is darling. I might suggest, though, that the tummy darts be split to either side of the white part, so they are not as noticeable.

    *I adore her! But, I think the stripe in the ear is too dark - it does not complement the floral in the other ear. A more delicate stripe might be perfect.

    *Absolutely LOVE this sweet little one - totally!

    *This cat is sweet, but I do not like the eyes, somehow, and the tail looks quite falic (!!!!) sorry (!!!!) Love the neck ruff and the striped tummy and gingham ears.

    Hope these are good comments.
    I am back from Colorado. When can we talk?