Thursday, 13 January 2011

Margaret Harvey

Last weekend was great because I got to visit Margaret Harvey's lovely home and wonderful studio where she showed me some of the stunning work she has been churning out recently.....I first Margaret at Kingston uni where we were studying Graphic Design, and then worked with her at the BBC....many moons ago!
The small needle felt is the eg of the 'Impressionist Felting' courses Margaret will be teaching at Make me craft and lifestyle workshops at the lovely Medicine Garden in Cobham,Surrey.
The Wooden collage blocks , mix media collages and jewellery are exhibited at Fire and Iron Gallery Leatherhead Surrey.


  1. wow....such beautiful work. I am glad that the two of you are getting together because we ALL need someone to "play" with these days...
    ...and it is SO important that we challenge our creative selves to do more.
    ...wish I was closer....can't think of a day I have not thought that in the past several months...sigh.......

  2. Fish on a plate, who but for the vision and endeavour of the whirlwind Margaret would still be folded fabric in the cupboard and threads coiled sleepily on their reels. Margaret demonstrates to us that everything we see is in the 'before' state. We and our ideas and our play can shift anything to the next state.
    That is SO exciting, thank you Margaret, and Danielle for sharing her xxx.