Saturday, 23 October 2010

saturday soldering

Kindly Di, soldering expert extraordinaire has made the marathon journey down from Manchester to show me how to solder her amazing dobbers! Yippee! I was planning to tie her to my kitchen table but she willingly sat down all day and soldered and fluxed and polished without a moan...and look what we made!


  1. My previous comment just got ERASED completely when I tried to post it!
    So I will make this short: your dobbers look fantastic ladies! How much fun the 2 of you must be having at the kitchen table!!!!! I just love the one with that funny character from the children's book that you rescued off the floor at Ali Baba(er), Danielle! She is quite fantastic and so full of sass!!!!! I am in an emotionally withdrawn state (very dramatic!!!!) after spending the most fantastic week with Jone and family, happily creating at her dining table in the greenhouse. I will try to post photos of the "creations" tomorrow if I can find my written directions on how to do it!!!!!! LOVE to both of you! Oolie

  2. gosh.....really, REALLY fabulous.

    how much fun can we have in one lifetime?

  3. That must have been a great weekend. I can just imagine what you will be making now. Can't wait to see more.