Sunday, 17 October 2010

anyone bored of bracelets yet?

Four more bracelets to put into the etsy shop...getting quicker which is great as they take ages to make and the domestics are really getting in the way at the moment! I'm very pleased with the liberty fabric one as it looks different from anything I've seen before....but there again that could be because its just odd!!!


  1. That flowered bracelet has my name on it. I am going to check on it on etsy right now.

  2. Gorgeous Gorgeous!!!
    Yes you are doing something new and they are beautiful!! Make them in little girl size too. Your crochet details and colour combos are superb Danielle. Keep going, you're so inspiring.

  3. I for one, will never be tired of your bracelets! I love the variety and the colours and soon we will be asking for the heads up when you are listing so we can get them before the crowd see them!