Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Our annual pilgrimage to the RA summer Exhibition...requested this year by our eldest....funny to think we used to drag her around art galleries kicking and screaming when she was little.....and this year there were a fair few bunnies in the publics' paintings! Top Hats snapped in Jermyn street...love London...


  1. would've given anything to have been with you....
    can we talk soon? I am working tomorrow afternoon, so maybe on Wednesday?
    Hope you are all very well and doing wonderfully creative things (!!!!!)


  2. danielle! you are so lucky to be in the throbbing metropolis! i may well kill for the hats - fancy a smash and grab?
    What a treat each year - they all come around to art in the end! especially as your DNA runs through them. Loving the bunnies - every year i aim for the exhibition and each year i miss it for one reason or another. Maybe next year ......... Love to all your end. Much love to you xxDI