Monday, 26 September 2011

Hong Kong

Wow Hong Kong was everything that I had been told about and more.....I traipsed the streets for hours with my trusty street map and my octopus card seeing the most amazing sights, smelling the most amazing aromas and tasting the most delicous if undistinguishable foods! Alot of dried fish and medicinal herbs...not sure what fate the poor toads were awaiting..The shopping is awesome, I am sure there is nothing in Hong Kong that one cannot buy....a shopping mall every 100 yards and street markts around every corner.


  1. ewww, don't fancy those dried toads much!

  2. Danielle---Are you still in HK? I arrived wed & am in China working, back to HK friday eve! How fab if we could meet. Staying at the Langham, Kowloon. xo

  3. Nice photos an sooooo nice to talk yesterday.... trip home....

    bummer to miss Margo in HK

  4. Hi Margo, I leave indonesia today to go back to London...!!!what a pity to have missed the opportunity to meet up in Hong Kong!
    never mind, next time.....Hong Kong Toy Fair in January?

  5. Hong kong! How fabulous Danielle - international globetrotter extraordinaire. I'd rather die than eat unidentifiable foodstuffs oh brave one - toads being high on my list of definate no-nos. But I would love the excitement of what I imagine is a frantic city. Speak soon xxdi