Saturday, 19 March 2011

a beautiful jug

So beautiful, so like my Fin, and now so mine! I cannot believe what my friend Nicky pulled out of a brown paper bag and presented me with but this gorgeous jug by her very talented mum over in south Africa. When Gay du Toit heard that I had fallen in love with it because the little boy reminded me of Finlay, she sent it over for me.....


  1. What a fabulous present! It is sooooo like your lovely Fin
    - what a great thing to pull out of a brown paper bag! It's gorgeous and obviously by a very talented woman! Enjoy it lovely! Xxdi

  2. Wonderful picture of Fin. How old is he? Is he the youngest?

  3. Does Fin know how gorgeous he is?
    I remember those photos were for some project that Fran had, right?
    hmmmm, you could hire him out to be a model - lots of $$$$$$$
    Wouldn't he LOVE that?
    ......kidding.....well, sort of.....

    The jug is it DOES look like Finlay.......
    ......lucky lady, you are......

  4. lovely son, lovely jug, lovely friend