Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I'm so excited

I'm sooo excited, after watching the etsy site like a maniac for the past couple of days a very kind person called Kcompliment has included one of my braceletes in her treasury! which is a members curated shopping gallery! I think I might be getting obsessed...


  1. That's wonderful. Your stuff looks great.

  2. and LOOK which bracelet it is?
    Gosh - make about 10 more of those in different colors!
    I know they were easy for you, dear....

    this is great news!
    (I am ready!!! - Let's do the lesson!)

  3. Danielle you are hilarious! Fantastic that you are in a treasury already. Jone's advice is good. I'm going to make a treasury and include you too :))

  4. well done danielle!!!!!! you will soon be selling like hotcakes im very sure indeed - the cream always rises!