Thursday, 18 February 2010


You might be forgiven for thinking that I have spent all day looking at beautiful work on lots of blogs! The amazing tea cups are by the pantry Violets' Guru Julie Arkell....want to do some papier mache now! and I love the work of Sarah Young sooo much. To think that she is only in Brighton, less than an hour away!


  1. Okay, Brighton is a MUST!
    Her work is fabulous... breathtaking....
    and JULIE's CUPS! OMG!!!
    I am ready to make some of

    maybe tomorrow we will have a "better connection"

  2. Those teacups are wonderful. I have never seen them before. Did you buy them or just photo them. Are they paper mache? OOH la la. Hope you are sneaking craft projects under the desk at work.